Drawing Process For Anime Art - Online Course

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Learn my personal drawing process developed over the years and the one I use 99% of the time I draw artwork.

Don't Know Where To Start Or How To Make Your Anime Art Look Professional?

Are you stuck in the limbo of not knowing where to start with your artistic journey? Do you long to transform your drawings into professional, polished anime art masterpieces but feel lost in the process?

Perhaps you’ve taken a hiatus from drawing, and getting back into it seems like an insurmountable challenge.

Course Overview

Join me as I personally walk you through my meticulously honed digital drawing process, a method that not only streamlines your artwork creation but also nurtures the development of your unique art style. No more struggling to initiate or conclude your drawings; we kick off with a deep dive into the brainstorming phase, illuminating the path from the hazy visions in your mind to their manifestation on the canvas.

Armed with reference images and inspiration, we embark on the sketching phase, traversing the entire journey from inception to the moment you proudly share your creation online.

Progress shots will unveil the magic behind each phase as I explain their significance and purpose, ensuring you grasp every nuance. If you’ve ever grappled with commencing or perfecting your drawings, or if you’ve felt the absence of a structured digital drawing process, this course is your perfect fit. Say goodbye to not knowing how to start and finish your anime drawings.

Course Modules And Lessons:

Igniting Inspiration

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1. Brainstorming
  • Lesson 2. Gathering Reference Images

Line Work

  • Lesson 3. Create A Blueprint
  • Lesson 4. Sketch, Define, And Refine
  • Lesson 5. Draw The Line Art

Shading And Coloring

  • Lesson 6. Create Depth With Cel Shading
  • Lesson 7. Adding Colors To The Drawing
  • Lesson 8. Add Lighting To The Drawing

Finalizing The Drawing

  • Lesson 9. Final Adjustments For The Drawing
  • Lesson 10. Publish Your Artwork Online
  • Final Thoughts

Needed to complete this class:

  • A drawing tablet and a stylus
  • Art software (I strongly recommend Clip Studio Paint) - the drawing is created with Clip Studio Paint

About Me

I’m a digital artist and passionate about anime and manga art. My true artist journey pretty much started with CTRL+Z. When I experienced that and the limitless color choices and the number of tools I could use with art software, I was sold. Drawing digital anime art is the thing that makes me happy among eating cheeseburgers in between veggie meals.

More information at: okuha.com

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More information at: okuha.com

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An Online Course On Anime Art Drawing Process

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Drawing Process For Anime Art - Online Course

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