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Anime Artistry Suite: The Max Bundle of Everything For Digital Anime Artists

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This bundle contains...

The Max Bundle of Everything For Digital Anime Artists

Welcome to the master collection of everything.

This bundle includes all the essential products for digital artists looking to level up their anime and manga drawings.

The Anime Artistry Suite includes online courses about mastering line art, cel shading, fundamentals of anime and manga art, and digital art workflow. This bundle also includes in-depth art tutorials and digital art brushes for Clip Studio Paint. The suite is a compilation of the different courses, resources, and products I’ve created over the years. This product is updated every time any other product is updated. This means the Anime Artistry Suite is always up to date.

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"This was exactly what I needed and more! I did use procreate but still followed along. Such great knowledge and I learned so much that I have been trying to understand on my own. The tools given were really good. Thank you !!!!" - S.

"This class is the best manga colouring class I have found online!" - D.

"For me the best class about digital anime coloring... I learned many things about coloring or lights and shadows for example and how I can do the same things on CSP or PS. If you want to know how my last artwork without the class looks like and how my latest artwork does then check out the projects. :)" - B.

"5 stars. Very concise and to the point tips and techniques. Though you may see a bunch of these fundamentals on YouTube or online articles, Okuha provides extra tips while showing his process that gives you that extra edge to make pro art." - S.

"I think having access to your material is really cool as not everyone would just offer their “secrets”... In your case, I can feel there are genuine advice, your videos or when you talk it seems that we can trust your words, your speech is deep and patient, and that’s what I enjoy the most, its like having a really cool conversation about every topic you are working on." - V.

"I’ve been using the set for a few days now and so far it is exactly what I’ve been looking for thank you!" - J.

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Last updated Mar 19, 2024

The Max Bundle of Everything For Digital Anime Artists

Online Courses
Digital Art Brushes
In-Depth Art Tutorials
Digital Art Resources
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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